Social Sourcing Is the Future

A typical talent acquisition strategy used to look like this: Employers would put out notices that they were hiring to their current employees and ask for referrals. Managers and human resources would have to rely on their employees to find great candidates, which could take months on end and result in a loss of energy and resources. Today, the recruiting process has changed significantly thanks to advances in modern technology and hiring practices. Social sourcing, in which employers use social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to find employees, is an important talent acquisition strategy in 2017.

Social sourcing is widespread

Social sourcing is a recruiting solution being utilized by companies big and small. According to Jobcast, 94 percent of businesses use social sourcing to find candidates, and 73 percent of them have hired an employee through social media. Forty-two percent report that since they have used social sourcing, candidate quality has improved. The most common place to look for workers is LinkedIn, followed by Facebook and then Twitter. As social media becomes more integral to our daily lives, social sourcing will hgyonly continue to increase. For companies that jump on board now and make it a main part of their recruitment plans, there are multiple benefits that will help you stay competitive in today’s employee-driven talent economy.

Connect with today’s workforce

Millennials are the largest share of the workforce in the United States. To appeal to the 53.5 million 18 to 34-year-olds working today, you have to be actively using social sourcing as your recruiting solution. According to the Aberdeen Group, 73 percent of millennials found their last position on a social media site. By ensuring you have a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, you have the opportunity to find the best of the best in this generation.

Automatically find and reach candidates in their network

Employers are always building networks and talent pools on social media. Doing so through their recruiting tools enables them to automatically and seamlessly locate candidates within their networks. Posting a job opening on social media enables companies to cut out the middleman, and attract outstanding people already within their circles, or directly reach out to candidates. This cuts down on time and resources and allows employers to schedule interviews quickly.

Candidates can easily apply for jobs

On the flip side, social sourcing is also beneficial to potential employees. Recruiting tools with social integration allow candidates to evaluate a company’s employer brand, and easily apply for a role if they believe they are a good fit. All that employers have to do is log into their HR recruiting tools platform, maintain an active and accurate profile and post their positions to appeal to stellar candidates. Social sourcing empowers companies to step up their talent acquisition strategy, build great talent networks and hire only the top candidates. It ensures that they have the best employees possible, and has a positive effect on their bottom line.

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