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Most Common FAQ’s

No matter what size your company, you need HR expertise to effectively manage in today’s volatile marketplace, whether it is employment law, growing pains, or down-sizing, getting HR expertise protects your company. All it takes is one disgruntled employee to file a claim and it can cost you thousands of dollars. But you may not need a full-time person; a qualified HR consultant can make senior level help affordable.

Your employees should be the most important asset and customer that your company has. Human Resources (HR) Management is an umbrella term used to describe the management and development of employees in an organization. Also called people departments, personnel or talent management (although the last two terms are a bit antiquated), human resource management involves overseeing all things related to managing an organization’s human capital.

That truly depends on your company and it’s needs. Part of the definition provided by SHRM (Society of Human Resources) states that a HR Consultant is, “Responsible for performing advanced, specialized and administrative duties in a designated human resource program or area”. Services can range from recruiting and hiring efforts to strategic implementation of HR programs, processes, policies and practices.

Everyone in your organization has their specific area of expertise, including you. However, these areas of expertise may not align with federal, state and local employment law. They may also not align with creating a positive culture and morale. They may not understand what is needed and what it takes to find and hire qualified applicants and how to keep supporting those employees for success.

Attracting and retaining top talent does not happen by chance. It takes a thorough understanding of the competitive market place, competitive compensation and benefits programs, a clear definition of the skill set needed for each position and a defined performance management process to keep everyone moving in the right direction.

Your full service human resources partner – we are your HR department for all things HR and your virtual on call resource for employees and management. Your HR outsource resource for a particular HR function. Outsourcing a particular area (i.e. recruiting, on-boarding, benefits, administration) to us is a perfect way to get you back on track. Hire Smart is your project resource. Let us manage the project for you.

No matter how small your company is, there are some federal and state regulations that apply to your company. More than 15 federal regulations apply to businesses with less than 15 employees, and the amount of regulation only increases from there as you add employees. Having a seasoned HR professional on your side is a great way to reduce legal risks of regulation violations and lawsuits, especially in society that filing a lawsuit is commonplace.

Hire Smart is highly regarded in their field of HR expertise and hugely proud of the portfolio of clients we support, which includes employers within the manufacturing, food and hospitality, healthcare, professional services and football to name a few. Our clients are also more than happy to share their experience and provide references where required. However, for ultimate peace of mind, all our advice is indemnified and recorded to ensure we continually achieve a high level of client satisfaction.

After your primary consultant works with you to determine the objectives and activities for the billing period, which is typically one month, he/she will keep a detailed activity log. You will receive a thorough monthly statement that shows the work that was performed during the previous billing cycle. Because our services are customized to each client, a monthly budget will have been identified. Project-based services are invoiced by the 15th of each month for work that was performed during the previous month.

As you may have seen on other parts of the website, you can schedule a free initial consultation. This includes a face-to-face, video or phone call for up to one hour. we answer the most popular questions that our clients have about our services. If you can’t find the answer here don’t hesitate to contact us. We help provide a solution or a resource to assist you.


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